Saturday, 18 June 2011

Iphone Developer Can Take Help Of Various Online Resources to be Well-Informed

Apple swayed the world by storm in 2007 when it introduced iPhone and furthermore, iPhone app developers are till date making the world astonished by creating wonderful and creative iPhone applications. Though, the revolutionary phone has opened up thousands of doors for any iPhone app developer, it is still not that easy to become an iPhone app developer. Apple has made available documentation for the developers, but it is still not very intelligible for developers at large. The company has put the documentation in such a way as iPhone app developers cannot understand whether it begins from the Objective-C 2.0 intro or the iPhone OS intro. Objective-C guide is put in such a way as not to include any real world example, whereas the introduction of iPhone OS is so heavy and complicated that hardly iPhone app developers can understand. 

However, as it is an age of information and that too rapid information, iPhone developers are better off with so many bloggers and other educational sites. Any new comer iPhone app developer can begin with the desktop version of Cocoa as Apple too has clearly written that iPhone Cocoa Touch development workflow is similar to development experience under desktop version of Cocoa, but due to the hardware specifics the Cocoa Touch has both limitations and advantages over the desktop platform. In order to understand the design of an iPhone application, iPhone app developer can take an example of MoveMe sample application which exhibits many of its behaviors:
  • Initializing the application
  • Displaying a window
  • Drawing custom content
  • Handling touch event
  • Performing animations
In short, experienced iPhone apps developers know that building a unique and creative iPhone application is nothing short of creating a Mac OS X application. Both of them require the same tools and same basic libraries. However, both of them share great difference as well, the first and the foremost being – iPhone is not a desktop computer and it has other purpose and therefore requires different designing and programming approach by iPhone app developers.

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